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Frequent problems

How do I setup my product?

You insert the file after unzipping it then follow the setup guide - 90% of products have section labels for where you need to place each element of the product to make it work. MAKE SURE to open the model when you insert it to check if you need to move any sections. If you don't know how to unzip a file find click the following link


My product isn't working?

Have you turned API and HTTP on in game settings - (Its in the security tab) Have you unzipped the file before adding it to studio? Have you tried re installing the product? Have you uploaded the animations to your profile or group? - If its a group game you need to upload the animations to the group (shocker)

For armoured vehicles such as tanks you will more then likely need to install the wolfenchan tank system which can be found here.

For helicopters you will need blizzard which can be found in the discord here.  (Look in the polarstar releases section)

For some cars made by JosephWellesley we are aware of issue involving getting in and out of the cars to fix that use the guide from the following link.


If you have questions or concerns about one of our products or services, please join our discord and make a support ticket.

Click here for the discord

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